Neuheisel Out As UCLA Head Coach

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UCLA football head coach was fired on Monday and Boise State’s head coach is targeted as the replacement.

The Bruins were coming off a 50-0 loss to arch rivals USC on Saturday.

Dan Guerrero UCLA Athletic Director fired Rick Neuheisel after four seasons as UCLA head coach.

“I made the decision and thought that it was in the best interest for all parties to go ahead and move forward,” said Guererro. “Decisions like this are never easy, in particular with one of your own. There’s always pain and heartache involved.

Guerrero also indicated the “epic losses” during the second half of the Bruins’ season as a reason for firing Neuheisel. “I believe the sign of a good program is consistency. We just weren’t there.”

Neuheisel overall record is a losing 21-28 as the Bruins coach.

Neuheisel still had a year left in his contract and UCLA will have to buyout and pay Neuheisel the remainder of the contract $250,000.

Sources close to Guerrero say he is expected to offer Boise States’ football coach Chris Peterson a contract worth more than $3 million dollars to coach the Bruins football team.

This season Peterson reworked his contract with Boise State officials worth $8 million for five years.

Neuheisel will coach the Bruins (6-6, 5-4 Pac-12) for the last time at the Pac-12 Championship game versus the Oregon Ducks on Friday, the Bruins are a 30-point underdog.

Mike Johnson the offensive coordinator will be the interim coach if the Bruins reach a bowl berth.

“I thanked Dan [Guerrero] for the opportunity,” said Neuheisel. “This has always been a place that I wanted to have the chance to help bring it to a place that everybody would be proud. Obviously we’ve fallen short of that.”

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