Confessions of an Animation Teacher

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Masha Vasilkovsky loves her job teaching animation at College of the Canyons. She considers her students brilliant and their work amazing. “Animations by my students” shows off their work here.

“The Dynamics of the groups are quite wonderful” she noted. “People are experimenting; they encounter animation for the first time. It’s lovely to see them enjoy their own production and see them use different tools and techniques to make their time here even more exciting, and of course to see the final pieces” Vasilkovsky commented.
A common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program. There are a few other methods but the popularity of the art has grown over a few short years. The effect of animation is an optical illusion of motion. Computer animation is created digitally on a computer.
One of the latest types of animation is a Flip book and Sand animation, which is sand, moved around on a back or front-lighted piece of glass to create each frame for an animated film according to the free encyclopedia.
Spending her first 20 years in Moscow, Masha did still art and then went through Rhode Island School of Design. She quickly switched from animation to illustration because of obvious reasons. “Once you encounter animation who can do just one drawing” Vasilkovsky commented, “You have to do many.”
Masha remembers her teacher Amy saying to her, “Make a film only you can make” and that exact phrase was what Masha needed to hear. “That was so inspiring to me and I was hooked at that very moment” Masha said.
Teaching was a natural progression for Masha as she is not one who enjoys working commercially because she hates selling things. “I’d much rather hang out with beautiful human beings who are making art” Marsha smiled, “and that’s called teaching.”
She enjoys “Experimental Animation” art because it means you are constantly inventing and creating new approaches and a new take on the whole technique” Masha winked.
“The class has been phenomenal for me as an animator. I’ve learned a great deal and I and definitely going to benefit from what she’s told me for the next lifetime. Everything has been good “ Dayaan Scarborough, a student of her commented.
“I want them to get love for art making” Masha continued. “It doesn’t happen all the time but some people fall in love with the process of animation as creative meditation. I hope that it will sustain them through the dark tea-time of the soul that sometimes comes so what saves us is our art or music, whatever you do and I hope that it will help them in their life.”

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