COC Alumni Honored at Hall of Fame Ceremony

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The College of the Canyons Alumni Hall of fame Ceremony and Luncheon honored some of COC’s most successful alumni and friends. Friends are members of the community that did not attend COC,but have made an impact on the college.

Alumni and friends are nominated by teachers and members of the community, and then the inductees are decided on by a committee.

Attendees enjoyed lunch- and shared their unique experiences at COC.

The inductees were presented with certificates and a commemorative cougar pin.

COC graduate Peggy Cannistraci said she would not be the person she is now without the encouragement she received at COC.

“I owe much of my success to the College of the Canyons,” Cannistraci said. “I was able to take classes that worked with my schedule and that still allowed me to be there for my children. COC is a great place to be.”

She urges others to get involved with the college.

COC Alumni Steve Arklin came to COC not knowing what he wanted to do and saw the light through a homework assignment that is dear to his heart to this day.
“I came with no expectations, and the direction came through the inspiration of my professor,” Arklin said. “It was really innocent the way it came about but, the next thing you know, I still have that list on my wall to this day, the punch points that we wrote. Amazingly enough I stuck with them and they seemed to have all come true.”

The punch point assignment was a list of goals to achieve a successful future.

Arklin is the owner of a disposal business that has employed 400 people and has served local communities for 30 years.

Santa Clarita Community College District Chancellor Dr. Dianne Van Hook said she believed COC is a great start for college students to figure out what they want to do in life.

“I think that when students are going through college they may have a focus of what they want to do, but they are not always sure where they are going to land,” Van Hook said. “I think that the Hall of Fame lets students see that you don’t have to pursue a particular field.” She added that students just need to pursue their goals with passion and a sense of confidence.

The luncheon boasted some of the college’s most successful alumni.

Chancellor Van Hook said it is important for students to know they can make their dreams come true.

“The College of the Canyons can provide the education, the attention and an interest in student’s lives. Students have to know somewhere deep down that they can do it.”
A wall inside the Student Center will be painted blue and pictures of the honorees will be displayed within the next year.

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