Alene Terzian

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Alene Terzian is not just an English professor here at College of the Canyons. She also runs COC’s own literary magazine, cul-de-sac. As Terzian says, “cul-de-sac is my baby.”

Every fall, Terzian teaches a Magazine Production class (English 122) who produces cul-de-sac. The magazine contains work submitted by COC students ranging from art, poetry, creative fiction, and sometimes music.

The students are given a crash course on how to layout a magazine, what to look for when reviewing submissions, and much more.

The students of English 122 work with the budget they are given every year and produce a great magazine.

This being the 5th anniversary of the magazine, it is expected to be better than ever before.

The magazine will be published and ready for the public by this coming December.

Some things Alene Terzian enjoys outside of the walls of COC are going to the cinema, and practicing yoga.

Terzian also considers herself a “coinsure of food,” as she has grown up around the food business and her parents own their own restaurant.

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