“Senses” on Main Street attracts zombies

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Standing just opposite the end of Main Street, you could feel the energy from the party radiating down the gravel road. Walking closer and closer, the ant-like figures grew in size as their deformed faces took over the block.

Every third Thursday of the month Senses hosts a themed block party in hopes of bringing Old Town Newhall back to life with a community wide event.

And in mid October, “Senses on Main” hosted a party that had the dead rolling in their grave.

Once walking through Senses’ gate, every attendee underwent a process that had them exiting as one of the undead.

The evening was simple, from 7pm to 11pm, party goers dressed, dined, and danced till they dropped.

One local business, the Art Tree, supervised a booth that worked to doll up the living with killer cosmetics.

With dark reds, blacks, and lifeless colors of white, fatal wounds looked almost real in the dark.

“The Art Tree does a lot of wonderful things for the community and their taking care of and making everyone look like ghouls, and goblins… all kinds of really fun stuff, said Louise, the local bar owner of The Voo.

Meanwhile tables and tarps splattered in blood attracted the growing mass of zombies. And even though many food vendors provided hot meals, zombies craved only one treat….

“Brains from the food truck,” moaned one starving grave dweller named Alley.

These zombies even had a twinge of life left for moving and grooving, as they killed it on the dance floor, and many of these same creatures later took part in a surprising flash mob.

The crowds had been silenced and the band had paused to listen to the ear piercing shrills coming from one frantic zombie. As the woman ran around the crowd capturing every eye, the beat to Michael Jackson’s thriller began to play, and the majority of the undead crowd began to fall into step with the famous zombie beat.

As eleven o-clock grew near, the gruesome creatures returned to their graves, leaving Main Street with a party, the living would never forget.

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