SCV iRepair: When a simple iHobby turns into a serious iBusiness

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Nowadays it is impossible to live without cell phones which are not only used to make calls, but also for texting and sending emails, surfing the Internet and connecting on social networks, playing games and much more.

But what if your cell phone breaks? COC student Alan Campos whose passion for repairing electronics began at a young age, established SCV iRepair to deal with that frustrating issue.

Alan Campos began repairing electronics as a junior at Hart High School when he discovered his passion for electronics.

At first, he started repairing T-Mobile Sidekicks. “I found it very easy to handle them and be able to customize them for friends,” said Campos.

Then he looked for a new market and found the iPhone. Soon, Alan started helping his family and friends with their cell phones and turned it into a repair service.

Now Campos, a student at College of the Canyons and a perspective successful businessman, is busy with repairing numerous iPhones and iPods. He still works out of his first repair station that he set up in his parents’ house.

However, he has even a bigger goal to develop his business and spread it all over the area.

For developing the business further, Campos worked with business advisers at the Small Business Development Center at COC. Campos registered his business almost a year ago and during this time SCV iRepair has fixed over 350 cracked iPhone screens.

The repair services that SCV iRepair offers includes: cracked Screen and broken LCD Repair, audio Jack and volume repair, home and power button repair, battery repair, back Housing replacement, jailbreak Service, and unlock Service.

In addition to this, Alan Campos provides his services for affordable prices, and offers a 1 year warranty.

For the future Alan Campos has some interesting plans: “My plan right now is to move into a little kiosk in our local mall and then eventually move it all to Northridge and Topanga.” said Campos.

He realizes that repairing iPhones can become a serious business and he doesn’t want to work for anyone else.

For more information go to or call (661) 200-8034. You can also find Ocampo’s business on Facebook and twitter @SCViRepair.

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