Opinion: Doctors Should Not Prescribe Antibiotics For Everything

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By Carly Moniz – Cougar News Contributor

Chocolate is a universal “happy” candy that can make people instantly feel better. When Americans are sick, we all rush to the doctor. We have all described our symptoms and hoped there was a magic pill that is a little stronger than chocolate to alleviate our pain. Usually, doctors are eager to prescribe strong medications for patients to feel relief. The real question is, as we pop medication like candy, how will this affect us in the future? Due to the overuse of antibiotics, doctors and patients need to be very careful with this type of treatment and only use it when it is appropriate.

The overuse of antibiotics has become a significant problem. Using antibiotics for unnecessary simple infections can contribute to antibiotic resistance making future infections harder to treat. One must be cautious before taking antibiotics because they are often overprescribed, can lead to superbug immunity and kill even the healthy bacteria in your body.

Studies show that at least half the antibiotic prescriptions written today are unnecessary. In addition, most people believe that antibiotics will fix anything so they often ask the doctors for these harsh drugs and doctors frequently fulfill this request.

Antibiotics are not the correct treatment for every illness and if used incorrectly, it could cause your body to become resistant to this powerful drug. Consequently, if this resistance occurs, people will need to take stronger drugs with larger doses, or perhaps, there will be no alternative medicine.

Some might say that they have taken antibiotics for years and they didn’t have any problems. Antibiotic abuse is one of the largest health problems in the world right now. Too many antibiotics can lead to the spread of “superbugs” which are bacteria that cannot be killed. For those of you who are brainwashed with the idea that antibiotics are the magic pill you need to realize that there are thousands of superbug infections today. That does not sound like magic, if you ask me. If you are prescribed antibiotics you must take them until the dosage is complete. Those who stop the antibiotics when they feel relief from the drug can create resistance faster.

Because antibiotics are being misused and do not cure everything, we must learn when it is appropriate to take them. Although antibiotics can alleviate symptoms, they are not suitable in many circumstances. For example, some might say you should take antibiotics if you have a virus. You should not take antibiotics for a virus because the only way a virus will die is over time with treatment of rest and a healthy lifestyle. People need to realize that the average cough, cold, and allergies should not be managed with antibiotics.

On the other hand, if you are sick with a bacterial infection, you must seek medical attention and an antibiotic might be the best treatment. Antibiotics will do the job and kill the existing bacteria.

Although antibiotics can be effective in killing infectious bacteria in the body, it can also be harmful towards the humans healing process. Antibiotics interrupt the bodies’ natural way of healing itself. Antibiotics disrupt the components needed to create a new bacterial cell. While killing the harmful germs it kills off the good and healthy bacteria. Some people believe that all bacteria is bad, however there is bacteria in our body that helps us as humans function normally. To keep the body healthy, people must reintroduce bacteria through probiotics. Probiotics are supplements that contain good bacteria that are normally found in the human stomach. Antibiotics kill all bacteria in the body. Therefore, to restore the good germs, probiotics are a necessity to maintain health. Many people are unaware of this important fact and do not reintroduce good bacteria through probiotics. Consequently, antibiotics can continue to damage the body.

In conclusion, antibiotics are dangerous if overprescribed. This strong medication cannot cure everything and if abused it can cause immunity to life threatening superbugs. We must only take antibiotics when they are appropriate because unfortunately they also kill all the good bacteria in the human body. Doctors and patients need to be careful while prescribing and using antibiotics because they are often overused. Remember, next time you go to the doctor ask if you could use alternative medication in place on antibiotics. Antibiotics should not be used like candy.

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