New Exhibit at COC Art Gallery

by Josh Tidwell, Staff Writer 597 views0

Painter Les Biller attracts many of his followers with his distinct imagery and vibrant colors.

“Les is an unusual artist and I don’t think he conforms to any style or follows any genre,” a viewer at his exhibit “I hate reality” said.

Biller’s bright and bold paintings display symbolic references to Greek Mythology and Asian culture.

“If you look around the room, you can see his paintings are loaded with imagery and symbolism too,” Art Gallery Director Larry Hurst said.

The Asian influence in his paintings is due to the significant amount of time he spent in Japan and Hawaii.

A centaur playing pool or a statue of a famous Greek philosopher in front of a lush jungle can be attributed to Biller’s deep love for literature.

“Painting is like a novel. There is no time limit as to how long it would take to create it. It’s up to the original artist to decide that,” Biller said.

With tough economic times, Biller thought it would be an “appropriate” title for his exhibit, which will be open for viewing in the Art Gallery until October 22.



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