Six Flags hosts Fright Fest

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A clocks hands seconds from striking seven. Blood curdling shrills echoing from one abandoned coaster to the next. And the inescapable presence of fear that shrieks Fright Fest has begun.

In mid October, thrill seekers made their way over to Six Flags Magic Mountain for this October’s first night of terror.

With their motto, “thrills by day, fright by night,” Six Flags created a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde split between good and evil.
During the day the average Six Flags workforce went about their daily routine manning their coasters and entertaining their guests.

But when the night crept in, a bit of prodding, pasting, and dressing transformed the average Six Flags workforce into a pack of terrifying Ghouls.
Meanwhile, this year’s grand opening of Fright Fest held a number of new horror-iffic mazes.

While savage werwolves would ground their territory around “Cursed,” the dead would coming alive in search for blood within “Chupacabra.”

And, when entering the post apocalyptic world within “Aftermath” dead soldiers stalked about the living.

With all the new and the old attractions Fright Fest is providing for 2011, it is no doubt that horror is alive and well in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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