Digital Painting with MyPaint

by Daniel Griffin, Staff Writer 1,314 views0

Digital painting has many applications, from sketching out ideas quickly, to generating fully developed pieces of art. Digital painting is used a great deal in the animation industry, for making concept artwork, reference drawings for 3d models, and production frames for television or film.

One of the newest digital painting tools is MyPaint. With its first official release only half a year ago, the new painting application is gaining a lot of ground. MyPaint was used for pre-production concept art work for the short film Sintel.

Digital painting concept art for Sintel made with MyPaint.

MyPaint proves itself to be a very fast and versatile digital painting application. MyPaint comes with many interesting, dynamic, brushes, including brushes that simulate oil painting. MyPaint also comes with many standard drawing brushes for quickly producing sketches, and has an in-depth tool for customizing brushes. Unlimited canvas is another very useful feature MyPaint has. By dynamically resizing the canvas as you paint, this allows you to paint without a border. MyPaint is designed to be used both with drawing tablets, and with a mouse.

MyPaint can run on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. It is available for free download form the MyPaint website: and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. MyPaint is also opensource, which means the materials used for developing MyPaint are available to anyone.

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