Career Center to offer workshops

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Getting a job today is much harder than it used to be. College of the Canyons’ Career Center in partnership with Work Source is hosting workshops to help attendees get a head start and a better chance at getting a job.

At this particular workshop attendees polished up on their job interviewing skills to give them an edge at getting the job. Anthony Michaelides, Director of Career Services, focused on the preparation of the interview as being one of the most important part of getting a job.

Getting a job is one thing but once you have that job, how do you make sure you earn enough and not get cheated out of your salary? An upcoming workshop that is very popular is the salary negotiations workshop. At this workshop, attendees learn how to “negotiate that salary and make sure you don’t get low balled when you’re going on that interview.”

The Career Center offers many different workshops including a resume workshop, salary negotiations workshop, interviewing skills workshop, transferable skills workshop among many other workshops. A list of upcoming workshops can be found here.


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