Students React to Obama’s Speech

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Though President Obama’s jobs speech last Thursday was watched by over 31.4 million viewers according to the Nielsen Ratings [more than 10 million fewer viewers than for Obama’s State of the Union addresses] many students at C.O.C. for one reason or another did not see it.

C.O.C. student Slade Barbosa did not see President Obama’s speech on September 8th due to being in class but knew the topic of his speech was about job increase and his plan was to add an additional 500 billion in spending.’ He was hesitant to speak of his opinion but is looking for President Obama to show us how he plans to bring about all these jobs.

C.O.C. student Zahra Jalal feels the President is doing his job the best he can to get jobs up and running and is accomplishing a lot, though she has been looking for a job for over a year. She did not see the President’s speech or hear what it was about.

Definitely opinionated, C.O.C. student Keynan Clarke caught some highlights through different avenues like YouTube, Yahoo and the Daily Show. Keynan is presently looking for work and feels the President’s plan is almost too good to be true. He said if he were President he would have got the bill out sooner and feels politicians will say a lot of things to make themselves just ‘sound good’.
C.O.C. student Seth Golden who is in stratifies of argumentation class with Professor Stevenson did not see the speech but knew it was about jobs in general. Seth said they are going to be discussing it in class and is looking forward to it. He feels the President is being too much of what he calls a ‘flaccid liberal’ meaning not being aggressive enough with situations, mentioning the President’s popularity is down 24%. Seth said if he were in office he would be more aggressive and take more plans that work faster.

With the option of watching the opening of the National Football League or Obama’s speech, the students interviewed did not see it. Congress was concerned about the two broadcasts being aired simultaneously. Eleven television networks carried Obama’s speech.

Obama’s State of the Union Address in January drew 42.8 million viewers, according to Nielsen while his March address on military action in Libya totaled 25.6 million viewers. Seen by 56.5 million television viewers, the most watched speech was May 1 which aired the announcement about the death of Osama bin Laden.

Check out the above video for COC student reactions to Obama’s Job Act.

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