Route 66 Honors 10th Anniversary of 9/11

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Route 66’s monthly display of re-mastered vehicles featured a twist this month as this past weekend marked the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Using their expertise in time travel, the classic diner took the Santa Clarita Valley out of the 50s and placed them back into the midst of 9/11 just ten years ago.

This month’s row of automobiles stood as a salute to those soldiers whose lives were lost to one of the most devastating events in American history. As the parking lot overflowed with an array of restored classics, hundreds filtered in to dine and dance to great food and timeless beats.

Owners decked out their waxed and pruned classics with colors of red, white, and blue strung within the hoods of their revving engines; even old Uncle Sam was spotted at the wheel of a few. Meanwhile, officials and active duty members attending the festivities dressed in uniform prepared to honor their fellow militia family.

As the evening light grew dim, two rays of light shined high into the sky, representing the Twin Towers that once stood tall and strong. The American flag was raised high atop the mass of a fire truck and crowds were silenced as the melody of Amazing Grace echoed from Scottish bagpipes.

Santa Clarita Councilman Bob Keller addressed the somber crowds with words that enlightened and awakened a round of applause. “We can’t say enough thank you to you veterans and to you great citizens of the city of Santa Clarita who make this city all that it is!” Keller said. Keller then welcomed Minister Terry Spiers to the event. As the crowds bowed their heads, Spiers prayed that American citizens would not forget, “That a country divided cannot stand.”

Multiple soloists also took center stage to sing songs that commemorated not only the fallen but America’s constant fight for Liberty and Justice. Later, families of the fallen victims of the Santa Clarita Valley were welcomed forward to remember their loved ones and to celebrate the courageous acts of selflessness endured in the war on terror.

The words of a U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant sum up the evening. Sergeant Michael stated, “it was my turn to pay my dues for my country and protect the ones that I love.”

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