Meet The New FAPA Dean – Dr. Carmen Dominguez

by Marlene Nolasco, Staff Writer 1,835 views0

Stop by the office of the new Fine and Performing Arts Dean, Dr. Carmen Dominguez and you might get more than just a great conversation. Dr. Dominguez is also quick to share a cup of coffee and maybe a cookie or two.

For the last 15 years she had been working at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. While at the school she was able to accomplish many achievements. She was a professor of music, music department chair, conductor of the symphony orchestra & wind ensemble. She also did some work with the Academic Senate.

Among Dr. Dominguez accomplishment, she earned a Bachelors and a Masters in music from San Diego State University, CA. She also attended Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland where she earned her Doctorate.

With such an impressive background COC has gained a great addition to its staff. Dr. Dominguez decided to take the job at COC because she feels that it is a flagship school in the California community college system. She is excited to be at a school that is cutting edge and that encourages students to try new things and explore new ways of doing things in their field.

She may be working as an administrator now but Dr.Dominguez says don’t think she hasn’t left the arts behind. She is merely going to be working at a different level and will be involved with many more kinds of art. Dr. Dominguez would like to help professors explore new ways to present art, “that just makes me happy and feel fulfilled” she said.

One of her goals here at COC is to help complete the vision of the college and Fine Arts faculty. When asked how she would accomplish this goal, her answer was “to talk to them and listen to them.”

She added, “the faculty of the Fine and Performing Arts division and staff are brilliant, dedicated and devoted to the students, the college and their art form.”

The transition from Saddleback to COC still has a few hurdles. Her first goal is to move closer to COC. Currently she is still lives in Mission Viejo. She would love to see her little dog and cat more often. She also plans to eat healthy and look young. Coming to COC was not just a professional goal for her, but also a personal one as well.

One important personal goal she would love to accomplish while she is here at COC is “to make an environment exist that the faculty and staff of the division and college would feel comfortable to talk to me about anything.”

Dr. Dominguez is certainly a breath of fresh air to COC; it is a pleasure to be around her. She is certainly a great inspiration and role model.

Learn more about Dr. Dominguez by enjoying the video above.

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