Canyon Country Man Murdered Over Neighborhood Dispute

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A fight between two neighbors resulted in one of the men being shot and killed in Canyon Country early Saturday according to sheriff’s deputies.

Anthony J. Davis, 51, was pronounced dead on the scene from two gunshot wounds in the upper torso. Sheriff’s deputies arrested Lennie P. Tracey, 52, on a felony charge within a half hour of the shooting in the 27900 block of Calypso Lane in Canyon Country.

Nichole Soto attempted CPR on Davis trying to revive him. “My mother heard shots and then she heard the victim’s wife screaming that he was dead and my mother ran out of the house and saw him and came back and got me,” Soto told KABC-TV.

The Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Guillermina Saldana stated that Davis went next door to Tracey’s house in the early morning Saturday to complain about the floodlights Tracey had recently installed. Apparently, the lights seemed to point directly at the victim’s master bedroom window.

Mark Hooper, a neighbor who resides across the street, told reporters that Davis and Tracey began arguing over the lights Friday afternoon. Neighbors reported hearing Davis say, “Turn the lights the other way.” Tracey responded back, “Put a blanket up.”

According to reports, the neighbors had a long history of disputes, lasting almost six years. Everyone on Calypso Lane seemed well aware of the ongoing issues between the two men. “The police car was always here…Everybody was used to it,” stated neighbors Max and Nina Taufighi, “We knew that they didn’t like each other— OK, they don’t — but they don’t have to kill each other.”

Last year, Tracey  built a 6-foot-tall fence between his house and his neighbor’s. He was known for filing a number of complaints about the way his neighbors handled their trash cans. Tracey also complained that Davis had been allegedly throwing pieces of metal into his yard. Tracey was issued a notice of his own in July of 2010, when the City of Santa Clarita ordered Tracey to remove “numerous, various-sized rocks…cemented into the public parkway.”

Neighbors told reporters that Davis had filed a restraining order against Tracey after being the victim of vandalism on his home and car. Davis eventually installed security cameras outside his home.

According to public records, in 2008, Davis was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of battery after he assaulted his adult daughter and struck his wife with his car. As far as Tracey’s criminal history goes, he was charged with a DUI in 1997.

Lt. Dave Coleman of the Santa Clarita Sherriff’s Department told KHTS-AM that there were no apparent eyewitnesses to the shooting and did not say how the suspect was identified.

The suspect has been booked for murder and is being held on a $1 million bail.

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