Ice Station Valencia Brings Broomball to Santa Clarita

by Tatiana Rusin, Staff Writer 782 views0

Video by: Daniel Leary – Cougar News Staff

For the fall 2011 season, Ice Station Valencia presents a unique activity for locals. Starting September 9th, the Ice Station offers broomball. Some might not know it, but broomball is an entertaining and quite competitive sport. It is pretty similar to ice hockey; broomball is a game that is played on ice, in tennis shoes where players use brooms to get a ball into hockey nets.

Broomball originated in Canada in the early 20th century. Later, this ice sport has grown into a very popular sport. Both men and women participate in broomball competitions.

The rules of broomball are similar to hockey. First, it’s played on ice. In order to increase traction on the ice, players have to wear padded, rubber shoes. Secondly, players hit a ball the size of a softball, with specially designed brooms, trying to get the ball into a net which is guarded by a goal-tender.

In addition, broomball is an awesome way to bring a group together and have fun with friends. “It’s so much fun. I definitely recommend coming and playing broomball on Saturday night,” said a broomball fan. Valencia Ice Station offers a night of Ice Skating and broomball on Saturdays from 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. for teenagers (ages 17 years and up) and adults. Since it is played in tennis shoes, no skating experience is required.

Moreover, Ice Station Valencia offers specialties like “Broomball on The Pond” and a “Complete Broomall Event” which includes equipment and helmets for up to 30 players and four 1-topping pizzas and four pitchers of soda. All rentals and equipment are included in the entrance price.

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