Gia Wellness: A Remedy For Future Technologies

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There are 30,000 to 50,000 new cases of brain and eye cancer each year attributed to cell phone usage. Today this ever-increasing number of technological devices continues to amplify our exposure to greater amounts of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). It wasn’t until 1986 Dr. Igor Smirnov witnessed the devastating effects radiation holds on the human body when exposed to such intense elements.

On April 26, 1986 clouds of radioactive waves escaped from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and into the Ukraine’s surrounding population. Over the years, radiation has lingered in the bodies of such victims only to be transmitted through DNA and into offspring who began to suffer from physiological and psychological deficiencies.

After discovering a village of natives in the area, who for some unknown reason had resisted the disastrous effects, Smirnov began to test the nearby mountainous spring waters on that of the cancer-ridden victims. It so happened that the spring was used for drinking, bathing, and washing. Although a secluded population of people, these natives were no more immune to the polluted atmosphere than were all those affected. Perplexed by such immune tendencies as these, Smirnov’s curiosity led him to discover that the water had not only been washing clean the bodies of these natives but also that of their cells. The water’s molecular structure was different from that of your everyday tap water allowing the villagers bodies to absorb the nutrients from the liquid at a more rapid pace, and shed the lingering toxins more effectively.

After many years of studying and testing the spring’s healing waters, Smirnov has replicated its unique structure—best known as “Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET)”—into what is now called Gia Wellness.

Gia Wellness has evolved from the very core of quantum physics to produce a number of patented products whose sole purpose is to protect the human body from today’s ever increasing radiation. Unseen are the radioactive waves that linger about the human population like that of our own oxygen. Today this antidote is assessable through Gia’s unique line of products whose success has inspired Smirnov to tackle the generation’s pinnacle of Electro-Pollution.

Gia’s line also consists of products, such as their cell guard—a chip no bigger than the size of a fingernail. These chips are placed on technological devices, in order to protect the user from the overwhelming number of Electromagnetic Rays that daily drain our bodies of nutrients and energy. These products are predicted to grow in demand as technology continues to increase.

Caren Knott, and a collection of numerous others have made it their goal to educate the un-informed on the negative effects technology holds over us all. Gia Wellness is introducing a way to prevent casualties that may occur in the future.

Today Mrs. Knott works with multiple individuals who have undergone life-altering viruses. Some of the clients introduced to Gia’s remedies were suffering from diseases such as Fibromyalgia and Epstein-Barr.

Knott talked of a mother who she met during an event for Gia. The woman’s daughter, who suffered from Epstein-Barr, had been suffering from sleep deprivation causing to be home schooled. Knott has been supplying the mother with Smirnov’s MRET water technology—due to the water’s thin substance it enables nutrients to seep through blood vessels and into the body’s cells. After just three weeks of drinking the MRET water, the child has showed great improvements in her sleeping patterns and has returned to a public school. Testimonies such as these are what inspire Knott and the rest of Gia’s representatives to inform people of the remedies Gia Wellness provides.

Caren Knott is but one woman who has joined forces with an abundance of individuals; together these driven citizens have created a network that continues to introduce hundreds to a life changing remedy.

You can find more information about Doctor Smirnov and Gia’s products by visiting

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