College of the Canyons Culinary Arts Capital Campaign Begins

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By Ashley Anderson and Ben Pierce

With the restaurant industry steadily expanding, College of the Canyons has just launched a capital campaign to help promote funding for a new building for their culinary arts program—the Institute for Culinary Education or better known as iCuE.

Dr. Dianne Van Hook, Chancellor of College of the Canyons, told Hometown Station 1220 AM,

“One of the hottest career fields, now and into the foreseeable future, is Culinary Arts. A permanent, well-equipped culinary arts training facility on the Valencia campus will enable us to meet student and business needs in a wide range of Culinary Arts disciplines.”

The iCuE program has been present at College of the Canyons for over five years. Currently they are providing instruction in Castaic at a 3,850 square foot facility that was once a restaurant.

The iCuE program’s future location is proposed to be a 5,600 square feet state-of-the-art building. It will include features such as a “Show Kitchen,” a “Savory Kitchen,” a “Sweets Kitchen,” an area for “Wine Studies,” a “Culinary Lab space” as well as instructor office spaces.

Currently the cost of the project will be $4.7 million. Luckily for College of the Canyons, they saved $3 million dollars by being under budget for the 2010 Library Expansion project. As a result, the leftovers of Measure M will be transferred over and that will leave College of the Canyons with a balance of $1.7 million.

On the iCuE informational site, Daniel Otto, the Executive Chef at the Tournament Players Club in Valencia and a Culinary Instructor at College of the Canyons states,

“With a training facility like the College of the Canyons’ iCuE nearby, we can be assured that there will be a continual supply of motivated, inspired and well-trained people to bring fresh ideas to our restaurants, and to our industry, for years to come. The benefits of having a Culinary Arts facility at College of the Canyons will be significant and long-lasting.”

COC Foundation Chief Development Officer Murray Wood was also interviewed by Hometown Station 1220 AM when he affirmed,

“An investment in iCuE, is really an investment in the community.”

Donations are being accepted at this time from $1,500 to one million dollars. The COC Foundation has stated that donators will be “appropriately recognized through naming.”
For more information on how you can donate now visit:
or visit the iCuE informational website at

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