COC Holds Job Fair for Santa Clarita

by Robert Sippey, Staff Writer 618 views0

Article by: Susan Waldrop – Cougar News Staff Writer

Job seekers got the chance to meet employers face-to-face at the College of the Canyons Job Fair. The fair gave job seekers the chance to meet with multiple employers and an opportunity to meet with company representatives and ask questions.

With some Californians earning below the federal poverty line in 2010, Staff Sargent Raul Avila spoke about the different of options the U.S. Army offers. In the active Army, the Army offers 30 days paid vacation every year. The Army offers tuition assistance to continue going to college or to start going to college for those that are looking for a way to finance their education. The Army also offers free medical and dental care for the employee and his family, plus they offer the adventure of traveling while employed.

“The Reserve Army is a little different. You still get to go to basic training and you still go to your job training but you come back still living where you’re currently living at, all you got to do is report to whatever unit you’re assigned to for one week and a month, two weeks a year,” Avila said. Army Reserve jobs are non-combat jobs that support the Army.

LA County Sheriff’s Department’s Katherine Keelin spoke highly of her job. “You are doing something for your community and for yourself. It’s such a great career,” Keelin said. “Hours you work will depend upon your assignment which could mean working holidays,” she added. She also said the main reason she joined is she “wanted a good job that would provide for her family.”

COC Student Chris Arias spoke of the difference of opinion as to whether or not employment is in a pause or going through a fundamental change in direction. “It could be going through both,” Arias said. “You need to just get your foot in the door and that’s what we do,” he added.

Arias also spoke about paid internships and how they work. He said the program has an online database that has internships listed in all different areas. Students can go online and look for jobs that match their major. He said they can sign up for the program and get units for certain assignments they complete.

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