COC Students Take Part in Getty Master Class Exhibit

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At the opening of the latest exhibit in the COC Art Gallery, we got a chance to talk with some of the students who took part in last spring’s Getty Master Class. The students spent part of the semester studying the book Engaged Observers: Documentary Photography since the Sixties.

The photojournalism class worked with the Getty Museum to create a series using the theme of conflict. The Getty flew in professional photojournalist Sudharak Olwe from Mumbai, India to work with the students on this project. Olwe presented some of his own work to the students and talk to them about the images. He led the students on photo exercises around Los Angeles and critiqued their portfolios.

The students we talked to were Tony Berru and Annie Buado. Tony chose to do his piece on the topic of choice and how the choice has a face. Berru said, “How beautiful it is that some made a choice to keep their baby, or to adopt a baby and that choice has more than one meaning.” Annie did her piece on autism because she felt that people need to know more about the condition. “People need to know what it’s about and the types of therapy these children have to go through everyday in order to treat their condition,” Buado told us.

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