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Lois Bauccio President and Executive Director of the Child & family center along with Cheryl Jones VP of the foundation spoke are living the dream of a lifetime helping people in their own community. They spoke frankly about their purpose in Santa Clarita as well as what students should do if they are experiencing stress.

With 800 clients a week Cheryl and Lois spoke about the warning signs of stress and how to get past the stigma associated with mental issues. Their facility has been helping children, adults and families since 1976 reach their full potential for becoming caring and responsible individuals through counseling, education and support. Programs include outpatient therapy, crisis intervention, parent education, preschool daycare, and drug/alcohol treatment.

One very touching story on their website is a story about Cindy, a girl that used any sharp instrument to cut herself including Razor blades, safety pins, broken glass…anything that worked. She couldn’t cope with her emotions and the cutting released the endorphins that temporarily eased the pain.

Her mother was in shock when she found out and called for help. Through the Child and Family Center a therapist established a ‘safety plan.’ Everything that could hurt Cindy was removed from the home. Her mother even slept with her. Over the next few months, Cindy’s therapist helped her realize she needed to get out of an abusive relationship. Her self-image was regained and today she is doing much better thanks to the organization.

Recently $37,000 was raised at the 13th Annual Child and Family Center Golf Invitational. June 6, 201. Sixty Seven players participated in the Center’s golf tournament on Monday, June 6 at Robinson Ranch. The cloud cover kept things cool and a great day of golf was enjoyed by everyone.

On May 1, 2011 over 2,000 attendees enjoyed being a part of ‘Child & Family Center’s Taste of the Town’ from some of Santa Clarita’s best restaurants, caterers, and wine and beer purveyors at the Mann Biomedical Park. $181,000 was raised for Child & Family Center.

To view a gallery of the organization. visit

Those wishing to donate time or money can consider becoming a ‘Guardian of Hope’.
If you are in need of help in any area, and cannot afford the costs, call the Child and Family Center today. There is help available; don’t wait till it’s too late.

Child and Family Center
21545 Centre Pointe Parkway
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

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