CCC Chancellor Commends Legislature for Pushing Tuition Increase

by Jon Gonzalez, Staff Writer 821 views0

California Community College Chancellor Jack Scott praised the California Legislature’s decision last week to push the proposed $10-per-unit tuition increase to summer of 2012, in the event that mid-year budget cuts are imposed.

Scott said students can now prepare for the tuition increase, which will raise to $46-per-unit, instead of having colleges implement fee increases on a last-minute basis. Originally proposed for spring of 2012, the delay will occur even if state revenues fall more than $1 billion below projections.

“I congratulate the Legislature for passing this bill (ABx1 32) that defers until summer a $10 per unit fee increase in the event that mid-year budget cuts are deemed necessary,” Scott said in a prepared statement. “This bill, if signed by the governor, gives colleges and students adequate time to prepare for increased fees if they become necessary.”

The CCC system saw a budget reduction of $400 million for the 2011-12 school year — a decrease from $520 million in 2009-10 — which translates to roughly 200,000 students losing access to classes, according to a report released by the Chancellor’s Office. The report also states that if those budget revenue projections are not met by Dec. 15, 2011, the CCC budget will be reduced by another $30 million.

According to the report, the CCC system is “currently being funded for 2.5 million students but enrollment demand is so high, in 2011-12 it is estimated up to 670,000 students seeking a community college education will not be served.”

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