Opinion: Regulating Texting While Walking

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By Nicole Powell and Kristian McAdams

Do the California people really need legislators spending time drafting, editing, debating, and finally passing laws that make it an offense to text while crossing the street? Or just simply walking? I mean, come on, the woman in Reading, Pennsylvania, who was texting while walking through a mall and fell into a fountain needs to be held up as an example of stupidity, not that texting and walking is dangerous and needs to be regulated by the government.

I’ve always believed that if a person and an automobile get into a fight, the vehicle is going to win. Therefore, I make it a habit to not engage in combat with large hunks of moving iron. With the exception of isolated incidents, vehicles for the most part stay on streets, roads, and driveways. It is not too difficult to walk around and avoid getting in their path and being hit. When I was younger, we all learned to look both ways before crossing the street. If a car was coming, you stayed on the sidewalk until it stopped, and then you crossed. Seemed like a pretty useful rule, and it’s served me well my entire life. Not once has a moving vehicle ever struck me, but now I read about lawmakers proposing restrictions on using cell phones and music players by people walking or running along the street or sidewalks. Do we really need to regulate common sense? Should our legislators be responsible for things that need to be personal liability? Or would it be police officers that become responsible, since they would essentially be the ones enforcing such laws if passed.

It’s bad enough that laws are being passed prohibiting texting while driving. I am not saying that I am for people texting while they are operating a huge hunk of iron that has the capability of killing innocent people. However, it is common sense and personal responsibility that should keep people from texting and driving, not the fear of receiving a ticket.

But then again, people need to be reliable enough to not get behind the wheel impaired either. Statistics prove that responsibility is lacking in many of those who are driving around daily, not just the ones driving at 2:00 a.m. Of course, it makes more sense to regulate driving, since the driver is in a position to kill innocent bystanders. But I guess some could argue that a pedestrian, blindly walking into traffic with their head in their cell phone, could also cause accidents that could injure or kill people besides themselves. So, should texting while walking become an offense worthy of a citation?

Personally, I do not believe texting needs to be regulated. We need our police force protecting us from real danger and not someone that’s harmlessly walking down the sidewalk sending a text message. Furthermore, it boggles my mind that this topic even needs to be discussed. There are much more complex issues that the California legislation needs to be concerned about, such as the state’s budget . Sounds like to me it’s just another tactic for the government to get more money out of us, someway or another.

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