Oprah’s Favorite Cookies Made in Valencia

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What does a single mom from Valencia have in common with Oprah Winfrey? Cookies!

After 20 years of running a cookie business from her home, Victoria Duvall caught the attention of O Magazine. After being contacted by the magazine, she was given a spot in Oprah’s “O List” in the October 2009 issue.

When a friend of Duvall’s sent some of her cookies to one of The Oprah Winfrey Show’s producers, there was a demand for more. The magazine began to contact Duvall on several occasions, requesting samples of her mouth-watering cookies. Little did she know, her cookies were quickly gaining popularity and working their way to the top.  A final meeting was held where Ms. Winfrey herself fell in love with Duvall’s creations.

Following the news, Duvall made some big changes to her growing business, re-naming it “Cookie Couture”. Along with a change of name, she also found a more appropriate scene.  She moved her business out of her house and into an actual bakery, things were taking a sweet turn.

It wasn’t long before customers began to swoon over the delightful treats that her business had to offer.

But it isn’t just about fame and money for Duvall. She has three children, who have contributed a lot to her cookies. Her children are not only the inspiration behind her hard work and dedication, but they also involve themselves in the creation and administrative process. Duvall says, “I think in honor of that 20 years of hard work and what they’ve seen me do, there was never a question that if I needed help, they’d step up in every way possible.”

And it is great that she has help because as yummy as cookies are, they are also hard work.  An average day at Cookie Couture usually entails 12-15 hours of topping cookies, shipping, and waiting on customers. But she doesn’t let the chaos stop her from taking her business to the next level.

Duvall is currently looking for a permanent location in the golden triangle area of Beverly Hills and hopes to eventually open several locations.

If you want to check out the cookie guide or find more information on Victoria Duvall and Cookie Couture, you can log onto www.thecookiecouture.com.


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