Opinion: High Gas Prices Affect COC Students

by Cougar News Staff 589 views0

With Sacramento in a fiscal pickle, students have more to worry about nowadays than just getting the classes they need.

Transportation is also becoming an issue, with gas prices soaring over $4 per gallon. The rising gas prices are more than just a strain on student wallets. They are negatively affecting students’ abilities to socialize with their friends and classmates outside of school.

For example, students like Leah Throckmorton are trying to save money by taking the bus to school. Though it does allow students save money, they also lose free/study time because of bus schedules. Other students have dropped all social activities outside of school because they no longer can afford basic outings like going to the movies.

With gas prices getting higher (and expected to hit $5 by summer), is it a surprise to anyone that college students are more stressed than ever by their empty wallets?

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