Students Perform Improv Comedy

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During COC’s ArtStart, a program showcasing the talents of the young artist at the college, four students showcased their improv talents in front of a live audience.

The four students pretended to play board games, be receptionists at a clipboard company, and also tried to act out a first date from the audience members.

The four performers were Rachel Randall, Devon Smith, Jim Sonza, and Tommy Claffey. Everyone in the audience was having a good time and participating in the show. The audience was able to be the callers into the clipboard company to twist the whole scene around. Rachel Randall said, “I love the audience feedback, it what makes it fun.”

Devon Smith looks up to all the performers that NBC’s hit show Saturday Night LIve has produced. One day he wishes to be on the SNL, because that would be his dream job.

The Comedy Improv department is not facing a good future at COC because of budget cuts. There was no class offered in the Spring 2011 semester, and there won’t be one in the Fall 2011 semester.

The Improv performers are not giving up and are starting a club next semester that anyone can join, and they will be performing at COC next semester.

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