COC Retirement BBQ Luau

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When the semester at College of the Canyons comes to a close, students are not the only ones who say goodbye to COC.  Eight professors and faculty members all together will officially retire by mid July.

College of the Canyons held a BBQ Luau in recognition of the eight retirees that are leaving COC.  People who had participated in the event included many professors and family members that were related to the retirees.

Chancellor of College of the Canyons Dr. Dianne Van Hook started the ceremony with a speech that recognized the commitment of all the retirees. Dr.Van Hook highlighted the retirees hard work with the school and the students they had taught.  

Others who paid tribute to the honored retirees included members of the board of the Santa Clarita Community College Board.  Each speaker talked about each retiree’s position and their many achievements before College of the Canyons and their time with the school.

Professors and retirees that were honored at the ceremony included Pamela Borrelli, Beverly Kemmerling, Steve Latiolait, John McElwain, Michael McMahan, Russell Richardson, Betty Rose, and Robert Walker.

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