2011 MEA Showcase – Part Two (Mature Audiences)

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The 2011 Media Entertainment Arts Showcase was held before a near full house in the Hasley Hall Theater on Friday night.

Attendees were treated to an introduction and retrospective courtesy of Cougar News. The year in review included stories on the Japan Earthquake, Daniel Catan’s untimely passing, the state budget crisis, and an extended piece on the COC hockey team.

Throughout the event, works of Animation and Film were also featured.

Here are some award winners for this year’s showcase:

Best Cinematographer
Shawn Marchetti

Best Film
Derek Dean – “Spare Change”

Best Filmmaker
Emmanuel Ventura

Best News Photographer
Cameron Stell

Best New Media Journalist
Jeffrey Cox

“Put a Jersey On” Award
Nela Lichtscheidl

Journalist of the Year
Jon Gonzalez


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