Teacher Feature: Tammy Mahan

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Tammy Mahan is psychology teacher at College of the Canyons. On her journey Tammy wanted to major in biology. She took several psychology classes and liked them. Her mentor in college helped her discover a career in psychology and she has been at it ever since.

Tammy has been at College of the Canyons since 1998. She was first an intern and went straight into teaching after two months. Her first class was Psychology 101. She now teaches development, abnormal, health, psychology of aging and many more.

Tammy likes to apply psychology to her own education and the way she learns in everyday life. Tammy loves teaching and her students she hopes that is shows in every class. Tammy mentioned that since she teaches psychology, that doesn’t make her a therapist; Although, she is more than happy to help her students in the best way she can.

Tammy plans to finish school and get a doctorate from UCLA.

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