Teacher Feature: Ron Mita

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Professor Ron Mita was a Commercial Art Major when he realized his true passion for film.  He went back to school at Loyola Marymount University where he got his masters degree in screenwriting.  While he was still in school, he took internships and worked at various production companies before settling at Universal Pictures.

He sold his first script “Track Down” before graduating and has written many feature films out today like: “S.W.A.T” with Colin Farell, “Sniper 2” with Tom Berenger, and the animated hit “Robots” voiced by Robin Williams and Amanda Bynes.

He chose teaching as his back-up shortly after a potential screenwriters guild strike. Being a screenwriter usually means working alone so wanted to do something fun, where he could see the same people week after week and share experiences.

He has been a teacher at College of the Canyons for the past seven years and says his class could also be called “Hollywood 101.”  In his class, he discusses what sells and what doesn’t.  He provides students with the information they need to get thier script off the ground. In his class, students write the first thirty pages of a spec script – a screenplay written without the detail of a shooting script – as well as other writing assignments that involve both film and television. Students enjoy his class because they want to be writers, or simply because the are interested in film.  It’s a fun class to get your creative juices flowing.

Currently, Ron is in pre-production for his animated adaptation of “The Wizard Of Oz.”  Though the animation field is slow, he says the film could be released in the next two years.

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