Teacher Feature: Paul Bond

by Cameron Wachs, Staff Writer 654 views0

After realizing his first career really wasn’t for him, Paul Bond left American Airlines after ten years of doing weight and balance on aircraft and stepped in to the world of journalism. The conversion of careers happened when his employer found out he could write and asked him to write a manual for the company. Shortly after realizing he enjoyed writing the manual more than the actual job, Bond went back to school, earned a journalism degree and has worked as a print journalist and college professor ever since.

He works a full time job at The Hollywood Reporter and a part time job teaching so, even though his free time is limited, he still makes time for the family. In his free time, Bond spends time helping his seven year-old plant vegetables in his vegetable garden and also likes to travel up towards the mountains during winter to ski as much as they can. Bond is married and has two kids.

One piece of advice Bond would give to anyone looking to get started in journalism is, “read a lot and write a lot, and now a days they expect you to do it all, it doesn’t matter what the medium is, what matters is that you can disseminate the news on lots of different outlets.”

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