Teacher Feature: John Makevich

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By Nikki Nolan – Cougar News Contributor

Not only does he teach the study of weather, but he also is a director of Distance Learning for faculty members. John Makevich is a geography professor at College of the Canyons. More specifically, he teaches meteorology.

Every Thursday night, John teaches his students about the conditions of the atmosphere and the effects of them. On the side, he is a director for the Distance Learning Department on campus. His role as director is to inform all faculty members about advances in technology available on hand at COC.

Before discovering his interest in the earth sciences, John had a passion to become an architect. He enjoyed the complexity and background that goes into being in that career path. The one thing he accidentally came across was the even more complex activity of weather. All the different weather systems and the prediction process really fascinated John, and with that, he put aside architecture and entered the science world.

When becoming a professor, though, John had always loved tutoring other classmates in school. He went to school to get his teaching credential and then his masters to become a professor at the college level. Now, he teaches Geography 103: Introduction to Meteorology for three hours every Thursday. He enjoys every minute of his career and doesn’t regret ever getting into this field.

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  1. Very nice job Nikki!

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