Teacher Feature: Jeff Baker

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This week I had a chance to sit down with Jeff Baker, Program Coordinator for Animation at College of the Canyons. Jeff started out his career while in college studying film. His college had received a new animation stand that no one in the school understood, that was until Jeff decided to teach himself the wonders on animation.

After finishing college, Jeff went to work for a local T.V. station where he worked as a cameraman. While he was working there, the station received a brand new PC, one of the first device to have a GUI interface that actually let you draw on it other than super computer mainframes displaying 0’s and 1’s. Having some experience in art and animation, Jeff saw this as an opportunity and was promoted to a new job creating graphics.

Wanting a little extra cash, Jeff picked up his first teaching job in New Mexico as a part-time instructor at a local college. Teaching after some time, the position Jeff held was no longer available. As a result, Jeff decided he was finished living in New Mexico and sought work elsewhere, which brought him to the  Santa Clarita Valley teaching at COC.

Jeff now has his own business that he started in the early 2000’s. Not working as much as would like now a days, he still likes to stay busy and explore the never-ending, always change art of computer animation.

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