Teacher Feature: Donna Ballard

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The newest addition to an already talented photography department comes from La Fontaine, Indiana with a population of 800 residents. She is a gifted fine art photographer, teacher and in her own words a feminist.

Ms. Donna P Ballard’s move to Sunny Southern California was prompted by her husband’s sociology teaching position at Cal-State, University Northridge. Ms. Ballard discovered her love for photography while taking a Black & White photo class. She recalls “the power trip” in creating something (an image) and seeing it develop from beginning to end. She later decided to pursue photography as a fine art which she defines as way of “self- expression”. She has specialized her fine art skills in addressing women’s issues- weight, their role in society, the media and even in religion. She describes her work as “feminist oriented”. She has shown her work in various exhibits and galleries.

Ms. Ballard has been teaching for 20 years. Here at College of the Canyons, she teaches Black & White photography, History of Photography, and the Business of Photography. She wrote the curriculum for the business of photography class stating “this class covers what I wish I knew years ago”.

This summer she is working on several projects to both enhance her teaching and bringing attention to women and society.

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