Bernardo Feldman

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Professor Bernardo Feldman’s passion for music began at a young age, when he used to stay up late at night, listening to his dad’s classical music records.

“Every night I had the opportunity to just get completely immersed in music and I developed that passion ever since,” Feldman said.

Bernardo attended Cal Arts where he earned a master’s and bachelor’s degree in music. “I love the adventure of getting into new music, exploring software, other cultures, other ways of playing instruments and other ways of delivering music,” he explained.

He is very patient with his students. Bernardo likes to teach at a slow pace because he believes it brings out the best in his class.

“I don’t think of myself as a teacher that knows it all. I think of myself as a partner, and when I talk to a student, I’m actually talking to myself,” he said.

He also attended school in Mexico City, where he was able to learn all types of different music. While Bernardo was there he was able to work with faculty member Daniel Catan who recently passed away.

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