Sara Caldwell: Teacher by Day, Horror Writer by Night

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When it comes to instructors’ in-the-field experience, COC film professor Sara Caldwell’s is hard to match. Not long after graduating from the University of Iowa, she was on her way to Chicago where her humble beginnings working as a P.A. jump-started what was to become – and still is – a long and successful career in the film industry.

After working her way up in the business, she moved to the west coast. “There are a lot more opportunities for creative writers,” Caldwell said. Not long after becoming one of the premier writers in the film industry, Sara branched out into the world of teaching.

” I just love the energy of young students,” Caldwell said. “It’s important for me to branch out, but I want to teach until I drop”

She became an adjunct professor at COC in 2004, which includes teaching courses in film aesthetics and screenwriting. She prides herself on “giving students the tools they need to do great things.”

She founded the company Amphion Productions in 1991, where she worked until 2006. After Amphion she teamed up with Walter Gorey to create House of Gorey Productions, where she is working on short films.

“It’s a cathartic experience to get out our fears and phobias in this safe way,” Caldwell said. “I’ve always loved the dark side.”

She has authored two books: “Splatter Flicks” and “Jumpstart Your Awesome Film Production Company.” She resides in Valencia with her two children.

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