Podcast: Technology Bytes – May 3, 2011

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Sony’s PlayStation Network Outage Continues After Security Breach

Over 70 million users have been able to access the PlayStation Network, the online component of the PlayStation 3 video game system, since it went down back on April 20th. Users who try to access the service have been greeting with an error message, leaving frustrated gamers unable to play online with their friends.

Sony finally admitted on April 25th that the PlayStation Network’s security had been compromised by hackers in a breach between April 17th and 19th. unsure of the extent of the breach, Sony shut down the services to investigate what had happened. Personal information of the 77 million users was stored in an unencrypted format, allowing the intruders to obtain users’ name, address, email, birth date, and more. Sony initially believed there was no evidence that credit card information, which was stored separately in an encrypted format, had been stolen.

However, in a news conference Saturday, Sony revealed that 10 million credit card accounts may have been exposed…

Apple iPhone Tracking Tracking Users’ Location

Security researches revealed that Apple’s popular iPhone and 3G iPad track users’ location, triggering privacy concerns. Apple was initially quiet on the issue, insisting, “we don’t track anyone,” but finally acknowledged the issue. Apple answered frequently asked questions, and insists that it is a “bug” that will be corrected in an upcoming software update…

Long-Delayed White iPhone Now Available

The long-delayed White iPhone 4 is finally available, having gone on sale on April 28. Over ten months in the making, the iPhone 4 was first announced on June 7, 2010, in both black and white models. Available only in black at launch on June 24, the white model was delayed until the second half of July. After further unexplained delays, any mention of the white model disappeared from Apple’s web site entirely, leaving many technology analysts wondering if it would ever be released…

Microsoft, Nokia Announce Multi-Billion Dollar Partnership

Microsoft and Nokia signed a multi-billion dollar partnership, which will bring Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform to Nokia handsets. Nokia will bring its considerable experience in mapping and navigation to Microsoft’s platform, as well as experience in hardware design, while Microsoft will get their Bing search engine on handsets, and provide Nokia access to their productivity, advertising, gaming, and social media services.

Microsoft will be able to leverage Nokia’s existing relationships with wireless carriers—112 over 36 global markets. The deal comes soon after former Microsoft veteran Stephen Elop joined Nokia last year—the first foreigner to run the Finish company. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 has struggled to build momentum, and Nokia’s hardware has been praised, so could the partnership be a success?

Nintendo Announces Successor to Wii Video Game Console

Rumor and speculation has run rampant surrounding Nintendo, which Nintendo put to rest with a surprise statement confirming the existence of a successor to their bestselling Wii video game console. In a brief statement, they announced that they will unveil their new console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, a video game industry event, at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 7-9th, where it will be demonstrated in a playable form in advance of its release next year…

Netflix Grows to More Subscribers than Comcast Television

In their first quarter earnings report, Netflix revealed that their subscriber base grew to 23.6 million, surpassing Comcast, the country’s largest cable provider, with 22.8 million subscribers…

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