Podcast: Technology Bytes for May 12, 2011

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Sony’s Woes Continue: PlayStation Network Outage Continues, Security Breach Worsens

After over three weeks, the PlayStation Network and Qriosity services continue to be offline, since they were shut down following the discovery of a security breach back on April 20th. Sony eventually revealed that the personal information of over 77 million users was accessed, and millions of credit cards were compromised.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the forensic investigators discovered that the breach was even worse than initially thought, with the shut down of Sony Online Entertainment…

Microsoft Acquires Skype for $8.5 Billion

“Skype” has become so widely used for communication over the Internet that the word has become a verb, like Google is to search.

Software giant Microsoft announced that it is acquiring Skype for an unprecedented $8.5 billion in cash, the largest acquisition in the company’s 36-year history. The announcement that comes just days after reports that Google, Facebook, and even Cisco were interested in partnering with, or even purchasing the company outright.

Apple Releases iPhone Tracking Fix

Apple has released iOS 4.3.3, a software update to fix the well-publicized location tracking “bug” discovered by security researchers affecting the iPhone and iPad 3G.

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