Nightcation: The Hanger

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Looking for affordable family entertainment in the evening? Enjoy going to a professional baseball game, but don’t want to break the piggy bank? The Dodgers and Angels are not the only game in town, the city of Lancaster offers fans an opportunity to enjoy professional baseball at a fraction of the cost of going to a Dodgers or Angels game, with a more kid friendly environment. Lancaster is home to the JetHawks, the Houston Astros Single A affiliate, which is often the first stop for young players trying to work their way up to the big leagues. Clear Channel Stadium, nicknamed “The Hanger”, is conveniently located just off the CA-14 freeway and provides plenty of parking a stone’s throw from the front gate.

A seat directly behind home plate sells for $12, with the rest of the seats going for $8 or less, making an evening at The Hanger with the family costing about as much as a night out at the movies. Tickets for upcoming Jet Hawks games can be purchased here.

The Hanger is kid friendly, with plenty of activities for the younger ones, including an inflated slide and basketball hoop, a booth where a radar gun clocks the speed of a pitch, two mascots which continually interact with the crowd and a small grass hill for the kids to roll down.

On the field, fans get an opportunity to possibly witness the next great major league player before he is known by the rest of the country. In the past 10 years alone, Brandon Webb, Carlos Gonzalez, Dan Uggla, Carlos Quentin, Brian Fuentes, Stephen Drew, Miguel Montero and Mark Reynolds have all worn a Jet Hawks jersey, and several others have made it to the big leagues. It is an opportunity to watch quality baseball, cheer for the home team and get close to the field and the players.

The next time you’re thinking about what to do in the evening, don’t forget about the Jet Hawks. All things considered, it is one of the better deals in town, affordable professional baseball.

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