COC Students Worried About al-Qaida Retaliation

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Nearly 60 percent of COC students believe al-Qaida may retaliate in the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s death following a U.S. military assault on Sunday.

In an exclusive but non-scientific poll conducted by a College of the Canyons Media Entertainment Arts 100 class, students found that just 50 percent of those on campus thought Bin Laden would ever be found.

Bin Laden’s death in an area of Northern Pakistan apparently isn’t making COC students feel any kind of relief from the “War on Terror.” Only two percent believe the fight is over while 89 percent feel the opposite.

A majority of COC students don’t believe Bin Laden’s demise brings closure to al-Qaeda’s attacks in New York and Washington.

As for any kind of political bump, just a third of COC students think that the killing of the world’s most notorious terrorist will help President Obama in a re-election bid in 2012.

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