Church Gives Parents a Chance for a “Date Night”

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By Jessica Freeman – Cougar News Contributor

VALENCIA—There is a quarterly “Date Night” offered at The Church On The Way Santa Clarita that took place this past Saturday, May 14.

The idea came up when the staff came together and brainstormed a way to serve the community.

“A great time for parents to drop off their children and go on a date for a night,” said Director of Operations Joel Weitzman.

This gives parents an opportunity to go to dinner, a movie, a play or another fun activity as a couple.

A three-hour time span is given to the parents where they can drop off their children at anytime during those three hours, anyone is welcome.

For the children, the evening consists of games, pizza and crafts; parents get a little time to themselves while the kids are having the time of their lives in a safe environment.

You may think “I would never take my child to a church activity,” however, religion is not mentioned or talked about.

Babies and infants are welcomed; caregivers are there to hold, feed and play with them also.

“We know that sometimes when caring for children, there are less opportunities to spend an evening with a significant other. Date Night is a tool that we use to enable parents to enjoy an evening together while their children have a blast with kids their own age,” said Weitzman

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