Bikes And Bites Coming to CCC

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Article By: Josh Tidwell
Video By: Robert Sippey

Masses of rubber wheels will depart from the COC Canyon Country Campus at 9 a.m. Saturday; meandering through trails to Discovery Park, participating riders will raise money for campus innovations and student scholarships.

Canyon Country Campus staff in coordination with the City of Santa Clarita are constructing the first annual Bikes and Bites for bike enthusiasts, foodies, COC staff, students and community members.

Bicycling participants will be escorted along the 8.5 mile bike ride to Discovery Park and back to campus by four sheriff vehicles and EMT personnel, donated by the City of Santa Clarita.

Bike riders must register to participate. Single riders are $25, group parties of four or more are $20 per person and youth or student riders are $10.

Why should bicyclists pedal up-hill against an economically anemic force with their own wallets to pay to ride their bikes? Participants are purchasing exercise they could do on their own for free.
“We are hoping to provide a festive community event at the Canyon Country Campus and raise awareness of the services and programs at the campus,” Assistant Dean of Student Services Ryan Theule said.

The Canyon Country Campus had approximately 4,700 students enrolled in the 2011 Fall semester and 4,200 enrolled for the 2011 Spring semester. This event was not aimed at enrolling more students to classes located at the Canyon Country Campus. “Donations that support the Canyon Country Campus Innovation Fund will enhance academic programs, provide for campus improvements and promote innovation at the Canyon Country Campus,” Theule said.

Student services will gather input from staff, faculty and students through mechanisms such as the Annual Student Survey and Department planning as well as from our Canyon Country Campus advisory committee. “Our focus has been on campus beautification, student gathering spaces and a Campus Garden project,” Theule said.

A Canyon Country scholarship opportunity will also be created from the raised proceeds at the event. Eligible students must be taking classes or have taken classes at the Canyon Country Campus as well as have a GPA of a C or better.

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