An Easter Event to Remember, “The Passion Play”

by Greta Fuentes 615 views0

The annual production of “The Passion Play” at Grace Baptist Church took the stage last week. The event proved a success as every night, the audience poured in to watch the biblical play. The production consisted of over one hundred cast members and over one hundred fifty orchestra and choir members. Providing the audience with a live and captivating performance, the production left viewers impressed. The general audience’s opinions about the play were positive ones.

The play as director John Kersey mentions, is one about, “The passion as being the last week Jesus spends on this earth. The pinnacle part of it where he comes, he’s crucified and rises again.” The play highlights stories found in the bible and brings them to life, to provide the audience with a tangible understanding. Whether you’re religious or not, the play is intriguing, and leaves many touched.

This production is one of the many taking place around Easter, but it is one of the most popular. Rodger Halston who plays the role of “Jesus” commented that the production is, “One of the largest biblical musical productions in the country and easily comparable to doing or seeing a Broadway play.”

If you missed this year’s production you have a chance to catch it next year as the production is put on annually. Also for those interested in not just enjoying the play, and actually wanting to be a part of the cast, auditions are held every year in January. Finally, viewers who attend the play every year can be sure that they will leave with a fresh take on the story. The director, John Kersey is big on changing things up a bit for those who visit frequently.

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