Victims of Reckless Driving Remembered

by Robert Sippey, Staff Writer 536 views0

Each year, a candlelight vigil is held at Santa Clarita Central Park for youth who lost their lives in traffic related incidents. The vigil takes place in the park’s Youth Grove, where each life lost is represented by a cut down oak tree with a plaque placed on top. Each plaque displays the name of the victim and the age at they passed on. Many of the stumps merely say “Forever Young.” Eighty-two stumps currently inhabit the grove.

The vigil began with Santa Clarita Mayor Marsha McLean warning those in attendance of he danger of reckless driving. Then, pictures of those who lost their lives over the past forty years along with their name and age were displayed and read aloud. Ages ranged from as old as twenty-five years old to as young as six years old. Heather Lincoln, who sang in the choir at Evening of Remembrance, was one of the fortunate few to survive a serious traffic incident although she will never be as able as she once was.

A large plaque in the center of the grove contained the evening’s slogan of “Know More. No More.” – a call for all young drivers to educate themselves on the dangers of reckless driving so no more young lives will be lost.

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