Thai New Year Celebrated in Hollywood

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Thai Town hosted its 8th annual New Year’s Day Festival in recognition of the Thai New Year Sunday. The festival in Thai Town, a small community east of Hollywood, is the largest Thai festival outside of Thailand. Hollywood Boulevard was closed for four blocks to the east of Western Avenue as vendors, food stands and stages lined each side of the street.

The Thai New Year officially begins on April 13th, which starts a three day celebration known to the Thais as Songkran.

Sunday’s festivities included traditional Thai dances and music, Thai food and crafts, as well as a raised ring that held Thai boxing matches throughout the day.

Singha, a popular beer company from Thailand, promoted a beer keg draft party, where a flat rate entrance fee and a cup was all that was needed for endless amounts of Thai beer.

There was something for the little ones as well, as different vendors had arts and crafts projects for children, some dressed in traditional Thai attire.

Food vendors provided the hungry crowd with everything from Thai noodle dishes, to barbecue meats with Thai spices. Other food vendors sold fruits and vegetables from Thailand, even a young coconut with the top cut out for a cool and crisp coconut water drink. Also on hand was plenty of dancers in Thai dance costumes on two different stages, as well as both traditional and modern Thai music.

Miss Thai New Year USA 2011 was also present and taking photographs for hundreds of cameras as the day grew long. For more information about the 2011 Thai New Year’s Festival, or any past festival click here.

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