SCV Dirt Bike Rider: Alex Sanders

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Riding since the age of 9 you could say Alex Sanders is pretty familiar with dirt bikes. Competing in many races and performing tricks, dirt bike riding is just another everyday thing.

After seeing super cross rider Jeremy McGrath racing on TV, Alex knew he wanted to ride. A couple weeks later he purchased his first dirt bike.

Coming from parents who rode just helped the situation of Alex becoming a rider, with Alex’s dad riding a Husqvarna and mom riding a Hodaka it seemed like a perfect family affair, but really it was Jeremy McGrath who was his inspiration. With just the turn of the throttle Alex has around 50-horse power in his Yamaha YZ 250 to jump as high and far as he wants too.

Alex says he likes riding because “you get freedom, you’re just out on the bike just trying to jump as far as you can and go as fast as you can. Just being in the air feels like your floating you can just get up and try anything.”

Getting 3rd overall in the 125 class in the AMA southern California motocross championships would be Alex’s biggest accomplishment.

Alex first wanted to go pro but injuries held him back. Now he is getting more into freestyle. He’s been doing tricks for years just off dirt jumps and he’s always loved jumping.

He says, “Hopefully I’ll find a freestyle park or set up a ramp somewhere and just start practicing.” If he could just find a place to practice and get into it, he could go far.

Alex is planning to enter the AFMXA contest at the end of this year.


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