Synchronized Swimmers Compete for Spot in Championships

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Photos by Christa Lopez

The  best synchronized swimmers in the West met at the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center to compete for a chance in nationals. These swimmers competed at the senior level, the junior level, and the 13-15 age group.

Swimmers receiving their medals.

Synchronized swimmers compete in four different events including solo, duet, trio, and the team event. The team event is a minimum of four and a maximum of eight people swimming at the same time.

Swimmers are judged on two main criteria including technical merit and artistic impression. Technical merit is based on how well the swimmers are performing the moves and artistic impression is based on how well the routine was choreographed. In addition, the judging is also based on how swimmers interpret the music, and overall presentation.

The goal for all athletes is try to earn a position at either the junior or senior nationals. Those between the ages of 13 and 15 vye for a spot in the national invitational.

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