Rudy Acosta Funeral Service Scheduled for Thursday

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Army Spc. Rudy Acosta’s funeral service is scheduled for Thursday, Mar. 31, at 10:30 a.m. at Santa Clarita Baptist Church. The community is encouraged to line the streets of the motorcade route.

Rudy A. Acosta, 19, was killed in Afghanistan last week.

Pfc. Rudy A. Acosta, 19, was killed in Afghanistan March 19. In a news release, The Department of Defense said Acosta and another soldier were killed by small arms fire from “an individual from a military security group.” The incident is under investigation.

Acosta graduated from Santa Clarita Christian School in 2009, and was deployed to Afghanistan in June 2010. He was assigned to 4th Squadron, Stryker Calvary Regiment and served as a health care specialist and combat medic.

In an interview with KHTS-AM, Scott Basolo, Pastor of Santa Clarita Baptist Church, described the day he spent with the Acosta family the day they learned of Rudy’s death.

Basolo said about 100 people made their way to the Acosta home, offering condolences to the family.

Basolo described Acosta as, “a very amazing young man.”

“Rudy had such heart for our country, he wanted to be a medic, to help people, be out in the field with them and help share the Lord with them, in case they were out there and near the end of their lives,” Basolo told KHTS-AM.

Scheduled Sunday evening services at Santa Clarita Baptist Church were delayed shortly for a slideshow of Acosta and tributes from church leaders.

Information from KHTS-AM was used for this report.

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  1. Dear Cougers,

    Rudy Acosta, 19 years old, was tragically killed in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan by small arms fire on March 19, 2011. He died a true hero, defending his country and wholly believing in the rightness of the fight. He was a combat medic who only wanted to serve the emergency medical needs of his comrades.

    Most importantly, he was a devoted follower of Christ and is resting in His arms today.
    This is a real American tragedy and total devastation for his family and friends. But now according to their Twitter blog we understand the ugly hate mongers of Westborough Baptist church are planning to desecrate his sacred interment.

    I am contacting you to at the very least. Honor Rudy Acosta. But also, help to find a way to stop these vile haters. Further, I am requesting that you use your schools influence to bring attention to these evil hate merchants. And be a part of the defense of his honor when these Anti-Christ’s arrive for his funeral.

    Rudy’s words are the sentimenst of an American hero:

    “It’s easy in America to take everything for granted, when you’re sipping on ice cold water,
    think of the people of Afghanistan, 70 percent of who have a water shortage, among
    Other serious problems. Please keep the spiritually lost people of Islam in your prayers,
    and the soldiers of America and other countries fighting in defense of freedom?”
    -Rudy Acosta- 06/2011

    Tim Grayem Santa Clarita

  2. Lets get as many people as we can to this to support this family and by golly, our FREEDOM he FOUGHT FOR

  3. Thank you, Battle.

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