Parking Problems Benefit Students In Long Run

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During construction, 400 parking spaces were removed from the South parking lot.

Good can come out of bad, and College of the Canyons’ library expansion is definitely an example of this.

For the past few months, COC’s Valencia campus has been undergoing construction, knocking out a total of 400 parking spots for the new expansion of the library. Most of the talk around campus is of the negative aspects of this construction, concerning the hassles of everyday parking.

Students like Harris Kkolis said, “Well, I had no idea that it was actually going to be as big as it was going to be because I thought it was going to be a smaller project than taking away half the parking lot for the Mentry Hall pretty much.” The expansion has been under construction since last year and is expected to be finished by Fall 2012.

Construction on the library expansion will be finished by Fall 2012.

Another student, Nareen Manookian shared her opinion, “I don’t really even know what they’re even doing with it, I know that they are expanding it but I don’t know how it’s going to look. It’s just kind of affected the parking because we have crazy, crazy parking. Every time you come in at like 9, you don’t have any parking. If you come in at any time after 9, there is no parking like anywhere unless you park down by the football field.”

To answer Nareen and many other students’ questions concerning what the expansion actually includes, the expansion will consist of a new TLC lab and many other things. “The expansion will allow the college’s Learning Center to move from Bonelli Hall and expand its services to students. The demand for tutoring services has grown steadily over the years. In just the first 10 weeks of the current semester, the center has provided 35,000 hours of tutoring, compared to 13,000 hours in fall 1990. The number of students served has increased too, from 2,300 in 1990 to 4,500 today.” COC officials have also said that, “The expansion includes group-study rooms, providing students more meeting areas for collaboration. It will also add a Special Collections display and storage area that will allow for rotating shows of student and community art. A new Computer Commons area with 100 workstations will more than double the number of computers available to students and community members.” The expansion will contribute to the betterment of the school and its ever growing student population.

The expansion will end up taking up 120 spots, but there are ways to beat the parking struggle.

A few suggestions we have for students are: try and car pool with friends, get to school early to beat the crowd, ride a bike, walk to school or take the bus! This minimal hassle will result well for COC students.

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