Opinion: Mannkind In Trouble

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In a world filled with disease and sickness, modern medicine is quickly becoming a way of control, rather than a cure.

I mean, we’ve all heard of the crazy side affects that come along with these so called “medical breakthroughs”; from constipation to loss of vision, internal bleeding to liver damage, depression and even the risk of DEATH has not been enough to keep these money hungry medical developers from making a quick buck. But when a company that actually is working for the greater good comes up with a product, the FDA wants to make them jump through fire hoops to get it put into production.

In mid February, the Valencia based biotechnology company Mannkind was forced cut approximately 41% of its workforce in an attempt to recover from huge setbacks in regards to its latest product ‘Afrezza’. The small inhaler like mechanism is supposed to deliver controlled amounts of insulin to patients with type 1 and type II diabetes making it a more convenient and less painful alternative to injecting insulin directly into the bloodstream by use of needles.

Apparently the FDA would rather people suffocate on their own bodily fluid trying to cure erectile dysfunction, rather than allowing a product like this to actually help people that need it.

After a decision made by the Food and Drug Administration rejecting the experimental device Afrezza, over 175 researchers and factory workers at the small company MannKind were forced to pack their bags, only adding to the amount of people without jobs in America. The FDA claimed they needed more evidence which could compare the device to older versions of the prototyped product.

Doesn’t it make you feel better knowing that grandpa and grandma can stay sexually active, but the old lady in the hospital bed with veins the size of a DNA strand has no way of getting her insulin anymore?

The FDA’s motto is “Protecting and Promoting Your Health”… Really? So were supposed to believe the same company that approves cigarettes and is forced year after year to recall products its approved is “Protecting” us. Honestly, the FDA doesn’t care about us, but if you happen to have the money, the FDA has no problem “Promoting” your product. But I digress.

Companies like MannKind Corp that are actually developing drugs that are beneficial to the future of American medicine need the chance to develop its products. But, since it’s up to the FDA, everyone make sure you have your will’s prepared and all your family issues in order, and be sure to “use as directed, and take at your own risk.”

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  1. I feel that if given a chance affrezza could skyrocket… why the hell does the fda do this crap?

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